accomodation or jobs

Are you looking for courses, accommodation or jobs?

Immigration Experts can advise you on the following:

  • English courses in all levels (basic, intermediate and advanced) certificates and diplomas in different sectors – choose the right school, with affordable prices and qualified courses.  We help you make the best decision.
  • Accommodation: we help you to find a Homestay, Share House or other accommodation that suits you better. We understand the importance of having a place where to stay in the other side of the world before leaving your country.
  • Job hunting: finding work in Australia requires perseverance and a great understanding of how the Australia market works. We help you to find a job that will help you pay your bills, and why not, your trips! From adapting your resume to the Australian standards to the process of applying for a job, we support you in every aspect.
  • General Information – whatever is the issue or question you have, either still planning your trip in your country or while here in Australia, we are here to help and assist you in every aspect.
  •  University courses and Internship opportunities, along with Trips in Australia and neighbour countries.

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