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I’ve come on a working holiday visa, and I want to stay and work, help!

There are two visas at the moment that allows visa holders to have an extended holiday and gain short term employment:

  • Working Holiday (subclass 417)
  • Work and Holiday (subclass 462)

These visas are granted with an 8547 condition which states: “The holder must not be employed by any one employer for more than six months, without the prior permission in writing of the Secretary.” This condition limits working with each employer to 6 months. Visa holders that work for more than six months will be in breach of their visa condition and their visa may be subject to cancellation.

There are exceptional circumstances which the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) may give permission to work for an employer beyond six months where exceptional circumstances exist.

Working holiday and work and holiday visa holders requesting permission to work beyond six months with an employer must receive written permission from DIAC before extending their employment. Requests should also be submitted at least two weeks before the expiry of the six months.

Immigration Experts Australia is able to provide assistance in extending your working holiday or work and holiday visa.

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