Visa Refusals

Visa Refusals

A visa refusal is when a submitted visa application is declined by the Department of Immigration & Border Protection. There are a number of reasons why a visa may be refused such as missing evidence, ineligibility, health or character issues and fraudulent documents. A visa refusal can be appealed against at the AAT by a registered migration agent.

Refusals, cancellations & requests – we can help

Whether your current visa has been cancelled, a visa application has been refused or a case officer has requested more information (i.e. inferring a visa refusal unless action is taken) it’s important to know that many applicants still have options. It’s important to address the reasons for refusal and working with an experienced migration agent offers the best chance of an appeal. Here’s a list of common visa refusal scenarios that we can assist with.

  • Student visa refusals
  • Partner visa refusals
  • Sponsorship refusals
  • Nomination refusals
  • 482 refusals

Visa Cancellations

If you’ve had your visa cancelled, due to a breach of conditions or other reason, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can no longer stay in Australia. There are a number of strategies open to applicants who have had a visa refusal however it’s important the applicant acts immediately. Please contact us to discuss your options.

  • Student cancellations
  • Character based cancellations
  • Investor visa cancellations
  • RSMS cancellations
  • 482 cancellations

Requests For More Information

Case officers usually request more information when they have insufficient evidence or the application is not complete. Unless action is taken there is a high likelihood of a visa refusal. Using a migration agent, with experience in the specific visa you are applying for, can help you submit the strongest application possible. If in applicant fails to prove the necessary legislative requirements or documentation then a refusal is the most likely outcome.

Visa Refusals

“Having a visa refused or cancelled is never easy – the important thing is to do is get in touch as soon as possible to discuss your options”

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