Migration Agent Gold Coast

Migration Agent on the Gold Coast

Immigration Experts Australia has expanded to now include the Gold Coast, Queensland. Our professional team of migration agents are experts in all visa types and have processed hundreds of successful visa applications from our Sydney CBD office.

We’ve recently expanded to include Gold Coast and consultations are available by appointment only. Our flexible approach means we can also Skype or call from our Sydney office. Whether you’re an international student, a highly skilled migrant or simply wishing to join another family member, our experienced, professional and friendly migration agents can assist.

The Gold Coast is listed as one of the best beach-side cities in the world.

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Immigration Australia for individuals

Personal Visas

Are you thinking about a partner visa? Or do you have a family member you’re seeking to join you in Australia? We’re experts in partner and other family visas and will be able to assist you.

Employer nominated 457 visas can help individuals immigrate to Australia

Employee Immigration

If you’re looking to sponsor an employee? Not all businesses are eligible to sponsor overseas workers but we can help assess your eligibility and provide guidance on how to meet the criteria. Our primary office is in the Sydney CBD and we have acquired a significant amount of experience with 457 processing.

We represent the business and our rates are very competitive. We cover everything from initial assessment of feasibility to specific instructions relating to evidence and complete preparation of your application.

Immigration to Australia can be achieved via many different business and investor visas

Investors & Business

Are you looking to invest in Australia as a means of securing a visa? There are a number of visas available for businesses and investors which include the business investor stream, business talent and significant investor visas. The legislative requirements differ between the visas but we can help you navigate through the jargon and submit the strongest possible application.

There are approximately 100k international students in Sydney

Student Immigration Australia

Are you looking to study in Australia? We’re experts in visa applications for overseas students.

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